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Are you looking for a slogan for your company, product, service, event or for any type of campaign? If yes, then you are at a right place. We have thousands of expert slogan writers who can suggest you a long list of slogans in a very short time. Slogans are the best way to gain the attention of customers and also to spread message effectively. They are also useful to tell people how you are different from your competitors and why they should always come to you. At SlogansHub, you can start a slogan contest. You just have to give us your requirements and that’s it. Our expert slogan writers will suggest creative & catchy slogans & taglines in accordance with your requirements. You will have a lot of options and you can select your dream slogan from them.

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Some Recent Slogans by our Writers

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Harvey Security We secure you.
United Light It glows for you.
Smoking Compaign Why be important.
Beauty Saloon Let us beautify you.
Hight School Shaping futures's since 1988.
Tommy Garments Just give it a try.

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How SlogansHub works?

SlogansHub is a website that allow clients to start a slogan contest to find the right slogan for their company, business, product, service or campaign. Clients get creative & catchy slogan suggestions from our slogan writers. Our slogan writers are rewarded when a client pick their suggestion as winner.

Company Slogans

Slogans are memorable phrases often used in conjunction with company logos and in advertising campaigns. They are claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to So if you are a new company and looking for a catchy slogan for your brand then start a slogan contest and get a long list of slogan suggestions from our slogan writers. Choose the one that fits your needs.

Product or Service Slogan

A company can have many different products & services. It is a good and recommended idea to have a different slogan for each of them. By having a different slogan for each product or service, you can tell people the specialty of your product or service and also how it is better than the other already available in the market. This will force people to come to you for that product or service which in turn will increase your sales and more sales means more profit. We understand, it is very difficult to find a slogan for every product or service but don’t worry, we can find a right slogan for your product or service. Just start a slogan contest at SlogansHub and see a long list of slogans pouring into your inbox within few hours.

Campaign Slogans

A campaign is any series of actions or event that are meant to achieve particular results, like anti-smoking campaign tries to convince people to quit smoking and a political campaign tries to convince people to vote for that party. Slogans can play a vital role in success of a campaign, like “be important, don’t be impotent” slogan for anti-smoking campaign can be very effective in convincing people to stop smoking cigarettes. If you want to run a successful campaign and looking for a catchy slogan then we are here to help you. You can start a Slogans Contest and get the slogans you want from our professional registered slogan writers at a very low cost.

Get Paid to type simple words & Phrases

SlogansHub gives you an opportunity to earn side income just by typing simple words and phrases. At sloganshub, clients initiate a slogan contest by providing their specific requirements. Read these requirements carefully and suggest slogans for them. At the end of contest, clients will pick the winning slogan and the writer of that slogan will be rewarded the prize amount set by the client (Only 30% will be deducted as administration charges). So what are you waiting for, become a slogan writer and start earning money. Best of Luck!

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You can Buy more than one Slogan

It is very difficult for clients to pick just one slogan from a long list of creative & catchy slogans. If that’s the case with you then no problem, you can buy more the one slogan. At the end of contest,you’ll have the option to purchase additional slogans at only $50 per slogan. You can use these additional slogans for your company brochure, website or for any ad campaign in near future.

Money Back Guarantee

Initially you contest will run for five days. If you didn’t receive at least 50 slogans we will extend contest for further five days. If you still didn’t get 50 slogans you will get a full refund (Only $20 will be deducted as administration charges).