17 Creative & Cool Save Wildlife Slogans & Taglines

Wildlife is necessary to maintain ecological balance of nature and maintain food chain. Many wild plants provide useful substances like timber, paper, gums etc. They also have wide applications in many branches of medicine. Wild animal products include honey, ivory, leather etc. Wildlife slogans can be used to create save wildlife awareness among people.

Below are the 17 Creative & Cool Save Wildlife Slogans & Taglines:


  • Save wildlife and wildlife will save you


  • No wildlife – No human life

  • Save wildlife – Save future


  • Save wildlife for your better tomorrow

  • We are because of wildlife, so save it


  • Protect the wildlife

  • Protect wildlife from now

  • Be a wildlife saver


  • Say no to wildlife abuse

  • Wildlife for us

  • Join us to save wildlife

  • Thank you for saving wildlife

  • Help, wildlife is in danger

  • Saving wildlife is the only choice


  • Live long and save wildlife

  • Save wildlife and go to heaven

  • Get up and save wildlife