A long list of basketball slogans, taglines, strap lines, catch lines, motto’s and signatures. Use them to motivate team players and inspire your fans. Basketball slogans are the best way to attract people and to increase your fans and followers. So use them on t-shirts, shirts, banners and poster and Enjoy!


  • Nothing faster than Basketball

  • Tall or small, WE ALL BALL!

  • Double the Pleasure, Play Basketball

  • Action speaks louder than buckets

  • (Team name) never give up

  • Net for the rest

  • Fight till the end

  • Act and play like a champion

  • Do respect have respect

  • Do it to win it

  • It’s not how tall you are, it’s all about your dreams

  • Stand up for the champions

  • Dunk like Boom Boom

  • It’s Bull attack

  • My mom’s says, I am like Michael Jordan

  • Dunk is my favorite

  • One team, One dream

  • Feel the heat

  • Eat, sleep and play basketball

  • Basketball is a life style

  • The Real Smell of Basketball

  • Winners rocked, losers shocked

  • Everything is simple with Basketball

  • This is the age of the Basketball

  • Basketball, the fresh maker

  • Basketball for a brighter shine

  • I can’t believe, It’s Not Basketball

  • You can’t live without it

  • Believe in basketball

  • Because life’s complicated enough

  • That’s all I want

  • Make yourself heard, or don’t play at all

  • Best always comes from basketball

  • Basketball is full of joy!

  • Basketball for everything

  • You are never alone with basketball

  • Get the Door – It’s Basketball

  • Rise to the top

  • Play hard or don’t play at all

  • We are ready to kick yours

  • Baby it’s not soccer, it’s basketball

  • Guts needed to play Basketball

  • Me and my Basketball

  • Basketball, in my heart

  • B for best, B for Basketball

  • Basketball, I’m lovin’ it

  • Say Basketball, say it to all

  • Shut up, go and play Basketball

  • Basketball will make you stronger

  • I love you and Basketball

  • Basketball can take you to your dreams

  • Get a side, we are coming





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