Client FAQ’s

Q. How do I start a slogan contest?

To start a slogan contest, simply click here or click the “Start Slogan Contest” link in the upper right corner of this page.

Q. Can I cancel a project after it has been posted?

No, you cannot cancel a slogan contest one it has been started. We want our slogan writers to be fully confident while suggesting slogans. We want to make sure that oour slogan writers will be paid for their hard work & effort.

Q. For what type of slogans we can start a contest?

You can start a slogan contest to find a slogan for your company, product, service, event or for any type of campaign.

Q. How Does the SlogansHub Guarantee work?

Initially your contest will run for five days. If you didn’t receive at least 50 slogans we will extend contest for further five days. If you still didn’t get 50 slogans you will get a full

refund (Only $20 will be deducted as administration charges).

Q: How many slogans suggestions do I get?

A: At least 50: Your contest will be open for five days and during this period, our slogan writers from all around the world will give slogan suggestions. Exact number of slogan suggestions cannot predicted. However we assure you that you will get at least 50 slogan suggestions.

Q. What if I like more than one slogan?

It is very difficult for clients to pick just one slogan from a long list of creative & catchy slogans. If that’s the case with you then no problem, you can buy more the one slogans.

At the end of contest, you’ll have the option to purchase additional slogans at a reduced fee.  You can use these additional slogans for your company brochure, website or for any ad campaign in near future.