• Let me fight for you

  • We will take you through each step till the end.

  • We well understand your intention

  • Justice, it’s your first step

  • We’re in your corner!

  • Know-how to Win.

  • More Words for your Dollar.

  • Overstaffing at Reasonable Rates.

  • Raiding the AG’s Office since 1982.

  • Setting Precedent.

  • She’s a Tramp, and We’ll Prove It!

  • The Rainforest is overrated.

  • Vision… to See Beyond Conflicts.

  • We look at the law differently.

  • Go first class when we handle your case

  • When you stand up for your rights, choose the right team

  • The right team for your rights

  • A suit for every occasion

  • When police are wrong, I protect your rights

  • We properly understand your purpose

  • Out in Front

  • Straight Talk is Good Business

  • Not If, But How (SM)

  • Enduring Values

  • A Business Approach to Legal Service (SM)

  • You’ve got ideas. We protect them.

  • Results Matter

  • Legally Speaking

  • IP Smart. Business Savvy. Client Connected. (SM)

  • The confidence to proceed.

  • Defining Success Together

  • Great Lawyers. Great Law Firm.

  • It’s Not a Common Practice. (SM)

  • Damn Fine Litigators.

  • Let Our Experience be Your Guide (SM)

  • Where Law and Business Meet

  • Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom.

  • Think results

  • Breakthrough Law

  • All We Do is Work




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