Below is the list of 25 Catchy Pet Sitting Slogans and Taglines you can use for your Pet Sitting Services and business.


  • We’ll Make Your Pet Smile.

  • The Safe Sitters.

  • We treat pets like Family.

  • Where pets are Family.

  • We’re for pets.

  • Where pets play all day.

  • Trust us for your pet.

  • Owner away? Let us sit and stay!

  • Where good bye isn’t as hard.

  • Exercise Is What We Do.

  • Your pets love us.

  • Always There When You Need Us.

  • While you sit and stay- We’ll go out and play.

  • Treat your pet like a King or Queen.

  • Wet wipes provided.

  • Pet paradise.

  • With us your pet is sitting pretty!

  • When the owners are away the pups will play.

  • We got your pets, no need for vets.

  • Fun and Free.

  • Pet sitting are us!

  • Where every pet is welcome.

  • For your pet’s Everyday needs.

  • Whatever happens we’re prepared!





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