Slogan Writers FAQ’s

Q: How do I sign-up to become a slogan writer?

To create an account, simply click here. You can also click the sign up link in the upper right corner of this page.

Q: How are writers paid for their work?

We offer payment exclusively through PayPal. After siging-up, go to my account and enter you PayPal account info so that you can get paid without any delays.

Q: When are the payments done?

A: If you’re the winning writer, you’ll receive payment through Paypal within a few days of the contest closing.

Q: How many slogans may I suggest for each contest?

A: You can suggest a maximum of 5 slogans per contest.

Q: Can other people see my slogans?

A: All slogan suggestion will be displayed publicly after contest has been closed and winner has been selected. During contest, only client can view all suggestions.

Q. Can I suggest a slogan after contest has been closed?

No, you can’t suggest slogans once contest has been closed. Whenever a new contest has been launced, you will be notified via email address you provided, so try to suggest slogans while contest is open.