Below is the list of 50 Creative and Catchy Cupcake Slogans and taglines.


Paradise in a cup.

Little bits of heaven.

Create a Cup Cake Rainbow.

Every bite’s a winner!

We make it you take it.

Come taste the paradise.

When only the best will do.

Taste beyond expectation.

Seriously addictive cupcakes & cakes!

A small, sweet treat that’s fun to eat.

Yummy in my tummy.

Mini cakes on the run.

The sweetest place on earth.

We make your taste buds erupt!

We’ll bake your day.

Our taste is Light-year ahead of the rest.

A little sweetness of heaven.

We’ll Make Your Tummy Smile.

Cup of Goodness.

A Slice Of Heaven.

Sense of Sweetness.

Brighten Your Day.

We bake to delight your tastes.

Yummy tummy treat shop.

Made with love.

It’s paradise in every bite.

A little cupcake goes a long way.

Cupcake heaven awaits.

Sprinkled with smiles.

Kiss all other cupcakes goodbye!

Every day is a cupcake day.

It’s like tasting a rainbow in every bite.

It’s delicious with no dishes.

Playfully unique cupcakes.

Paradise is only a cup cake away.

The rise of the cupcake.

Keep calm and have a cupcake.

My cupcake brings all the boys to the yard.

Rock out with your cupcake out.

You can’t buy happiness but u can buy cupcakes.

Want delicious cream in your mouth?

Just one bite and you’ll be in Paradise.

For coffee and cakes, we have what it takes.

Little cakes with a great big taste.

Our Cupcakes are better than our name.

Let Us Cure Your Sweet Tooth.

It’s not Cupcakes, it’s a cake in a cup.

We make cupcakes for you.

Open your Cake-Hole!




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