Here are Animal Abuse Slogans and Sayings. Show animals love not hate. Stop animal abuse and give them respect. Below are the 54 best and creative stop animal abuse slogans and sayings for anti-animal abuse awareness campaigns. You can also use these slogans on T-shirts to show your love for animals.


  • Stand for Animal Rights!

  • Because we love animals

  • Save the animals!

  • Join the protest – Stop animal testing

Animal Abuse Slogans-5

  • Protect nature’s beauties!

  • Join us; stop animals hunting

  • No excuse for animal abuse

Animal Abuse Slogans-1

  • Keep the beauty alive

  • Animal rights, not wrongs

  • Forests – Home for Animals

Animal Abuse Slogans-2

  • Feed it, don’t eat it

  • I Stand for animals rights

  • Animals are my friends and I don’t hurt my friends

Animal Abuse Slogans-4

  • Hunting is not a sport

Animal Abuse Slogans-3

  • Stop beating Animals

  • Animals are your neighbors on this earth, respect them!

  • Stop animal abuse and be a hero

  • Being animal Abuser isn’t cool

  • Don’t act blindly, treat Animals kindly

  • Don’t be a loser, stop the Animal abuser

  • Never choose to abuse!

  • Now time to end Violence against Animals

  • Feed, don’t abuse animals

  • God loved the birds and created trees, we created Cages for birds

  • Love me, don’t eat me

  • We can judge the heart of a man by how he treats animals

  • Pets for Peace, Don’t abuse

  • Never wear anything that panics the cat

  • Adopt Animals, Don’t abuse them

  • Love us, don’t eat us

  • Shoot animals with camera, not with gun

  • Say no to animal abuse

  • Animal abuser is a looser

  • Treat animals like your family members

  • God created animals, love them

  • Cage for prisoners, not for animals

  • Animals are in need

  • Raise your voice to save animals

  • Fight for the animals right

  • Animals feel pain too

  • Don’t kill the beauty of jungle

  • Join hands to save animals

  • Let’s save animals

  • Keep calm and love animals

  • I love animals, do you?

  • Don’t hurt, rescue animals

  • Stop animal abuse

  • Live long and save animals

  • Abusing animals =  loosing animals

  • Feed animals, don’t eat animals

  • Save animals, they will save you

  • Cage the animal abusers

  • Respect animals





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