Below are the 25 Best Anorexia Slogans . Share them with your friends. 


  • Skinny is Out, Fit is in

anorexia slogans-Skinny is Out. Fit is in

  • Food is good

  • Food Does Your Body Good

anorexia slogans-Food Does Your Body Good

  • Be Healthy, Not Hungry

  • Who Wants a Stick When You Can Have a Curvy Chick?

  • Love Yourself. It’s Good for Your Health

  • Grin in your skin

  • Think don’t shrink

anorexia slogans-Think don’t shrink

  • Within don’t be thin

  • Bring something sweet to eat

  • Don’t be rude, eat your food

  • It isn’t “in” to be thin

  • Thin? Don’t begin

  • Shop for the real size top

  • Smile for the real style

  • Smile for a while

  • No more bones

  • Real women have curves

  • Love the body God gave you

  • Be healthy not dead

  • Ditch the thin, fit your skin

  • Why be flat when you can be fat?

  • Happy meal hunnies!

  • Dying to be thin

  • Always hope





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