Below are the 52 Creative Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Boobies Make Me Smile

  • Never Give Up Hope

  • Fight like A Girl

  • Save these for later

  • The best protection is early detection

  • Think pink

  • Wear pink for my MOM

  • I walk for my sister

  • Take care of yourself. Think pink

  • Beat Brest Cancer

  • Big or small, save them all

  • It’s your property, take care of them

  • I love breasts and hate breast cancer

  • Save the headlights

  • Breast cancer warrior

  • Fight, believe & hope

  • Choose hope not fear

  • Say no to breast cancer, say it to all

  • Ready to win

  • I fight for my wife

  • Save the hooters

  • Keep calm and save boobs

  • Boobs need our help

  • Fight like a girl

  • Feel it and fight for it

  • It’s all about boobs

  • Hey cancer, you picked the wrong girl

  • Big or small, we want save them all

  • Think pink and live happily

  • Join us in this fight

  • Hey girls, take care of your headlights

  • Breast matters

  • Let’s save breasts

  • Don’t under estimate the power of pink

  • No cancer is ever good

  • Wear your pink ribbon

  • Every month should be breast cancer awareness month

  • I will fight, I will win

  • Hey cute girl, never give up

  • Kick breast cancer before it kicks you

  • Healthy boob is a best boob for your child

  • Care for your boobs, care for your child

  • Early detection is a better choice

  • Pink October

  • Kick it off your chest

  • Get ready to win

  • Fight for your life

  • Enjoy your life

  • Keep calm and move on

  • Have faith, not fear

  • Fight, we are with you

  • Fight till the end





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