Below are the 51 Creative & Catchy Cancer Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Fighting Cancer Every Step of the Way

cancer slogans-Fighting Cancer Every Step of the Way

  • Got Purple?

  • Don’t count the days, Make the days count

cancer slogans-Don’t count the days. Make the days count

  • Let’s all pray for a cure for all CANCERS

  • Never give up HOPE

cancer slogans-Never give up HOPE

  • Together we can beat it

  • Fight like a girl

  • It came, We fought, I WIN

cancer slogans-It came. We fought. I WIN

  • Cancer messed with the wrong girl

  • Cancer, a word, not a sentence

  • Stand up, Stand strong, Stand together

cancer slogans-Stand up. Stand strong. Stand together

  • Believe there is a hope for a CURE

  • Someone I love needs a CURE

  • Keep calm & fight the Cancer

  • Kick Cancer before it kicks you

  • Live long & fight Cancer

  • Resist Cancer

  • It’s all about you and your Will

  • Keep calm & Carry on

  • Cancer is not a game!

  • Our goal is a cure for Cancer

  • Together we can save more lives

  • Early detection saves lives

  • Join the fight

  • I will never give up HOPE

  • Cancer sucks

  • Fight the fight. Find the CURE

  • We’re all affected by cancer. We can all do something to help

  • Silence is cancer’s best FRIEND

  • I fight for my wife

  • Give cancer the Boot

  • Keep calm and fight with cancer

  • A HOPE is the medicine for all the diseases

  • Hey cancer you pick the wrong bitch

  • Boobies Make Me Smile

  • Never Give Up Hope

  • The best protection is early detection

  • Think pink

  • Wear pink for my MOM

  • I walk for my sister

  • Beat Brest Cancer

  • Save the hooters

  • Keep calm and save boobs

  • Boobs need our help

  • Fight like a girl

  • Feel it and fight for it

  • It’s all about cancer

  • Hey cancer, you picked the wrong girl

  • Think pink and live happily

  • Join us in this fight

  • Awareness is the first step





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