Below is a list of Best & Famous commercial slogans and taglines of famous companies. Companies are using these slogans for marketing products and services. 

  • Nike  –   Just Do It

  • Reebok  –  Because life is not a spectator sports

  • Bold detergent  –  Part of the fabric of life

  • Tylenol  –  Push through the pain

  • Harley Davidson  –  The legend rolls on

  • Yamaha  –  The way it should be

  • Saab  –  Beyond the conventional

  • Volvo  –  Safety

  • Volkswagen  –  Think small

  • Nissan  –  Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride

  • L’Oreal  –  Because I’m worth it

  • Maybelline  –  Maybe she’s born with it…

  • Revlon  –  Feel like a woman

  • Virgin Records Megastores  –  Dangerously entertaining

  • Fisher Price toys  –  Oh, the possibilities

  • Nintendo Game Boy  –  It’s something to do with your brain

  • Sony Playstation  –  Live in your world, play in ours

  • Toys ‘R’ Us  –  I don’t want to grow up…

  • DHL  –  We keep your promise

  • Fed Ex  –  Be absolutely sure

  • US Postal Service  –  Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

  • Merrill Lynch  –  Be bullish

  • Smith Barney  –  We make money the old fashioned way…we earn it

  • Citibank  –  Turning dreams into reality

  • American Express  –  Membership has its privileges. Don’t leave home without it.





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