Large number of Unintentional killings have been reported for the past few years and the reason behind such killing was mainly due to not locking the gun’s trigger. Little carelessness have taken up the lives of many innocent people.

Gun Safety Slogans

We need to create awareness among people regarding importance of gun safety. For this purpose we are presenting gun safety slogans in this post. Feel free to use these slogans on posters, banners, shirts, t-shirts etc. to tell people about gun safety.


  • Don’t pull the trigger when looking down the barrel of a gun

  • Keep your finger off that trigger


  • Love your children, make your guns safe

  • Practice makes Gun safety perfect

  • Smart gun owners own safe guns

  • Shoot for the stars, not your neighbor

  • Guns don’t kill people, People kill people

  • Stop, don’t touch


  • Teach him to shoot safely

  • Be sure of your target

  • Gun safety saves lives


  • No! It is never okay to bring a gun to school

  • Shup up and keep your gun safely

  • Gun safety is the best

  • Is your gun trigger locked?

  • Don’t be fool, Gun safety is very cool

  • Keep calm and learn gun safety

  • Your life is precious. Practice Gun safety

  • Please, don’t shoot me

  • Using a trigger lock on your gun is a good way to keep your ass from getting shot

  • Guns Are Dumb, They Make People Numb

  • Keeping gun safe is a wise choice

  • Stay away from unintentional killings

  • Keep guns away from children

  • Always place guns in a safe place





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