Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October. List of 51 Catchy Red Ribbon Week Slogans is given below:


  • I like hugs, not drugs

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-1

  • Drugs kill you slowly

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-2

  • Refusing is a better choice

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-3

  • Delete weed and start good deeds

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-4

  • Mom says, avoid drugs

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-5

  • Take a lead, leave weed

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-6

  • Keep calm and avoid drugs

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-7

  • Weed, ruins brain

  • Weed is a smoking gun

  • Don’t do weed, do Yoga

  • Weed is a bad deed

  • Weedy is a greedy

  • Go green but never grow marijuana

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-8

  • Weed kills, this message is approved by GOD

  • Say no to drugs

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-9

  • Say no weed, say yes to life

  • Weed is not a need

  • Weed costs you your life

  • Sing songs and avoid weed

  • Weed is harmful for your memory

  • Be a good deeder, not a weeder

  • Weed causes anxiety

  • Weed is a bad thing

  • We want you to avoid drugs

Red Ribbon Week Slogans-10

  • Weed, sexual capacity reducer

  • Be smart – Don’t start

  • Don’t want an ugly mug? Stay off the drug

  • Put away the drugs before drug puts you away

  • Kick the weed

  • If you wanna have money stay of the drugs, honey

  • If you need more cash, stop buying hash

  • If you smoke weed, you’ll make my heart bleed

  • You’ll never succeed with drugs

  • Smoking weed is a bad deed

  • You can’t become a sportsmen, if you do drugs

  • Only goofies do drugs

  • Weed is not a problem solver

  • Weed user is a looser

  • Say no to drugs, say it to all

  • Drug user is a looser

  • Drug abuse is of no use

  • One life – One chance – Avoid Drugs

  • Make healthy choices

  • Kick it before it kicks you

  • Say yes to life, say no to drugs

  • Me and my drug free life

  • We want a drug free nation

  • Save future generations

  • Stand up against drugs

  • Keep calm and stay away from weed

  • Weed kills you slowly




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