Whales play an important role in nutrient cycling. But they are being hunted worldwide. Whale hunting needs to be stopped. Awareness campaign needs to be started. Below is a list of creative & catchy save whale slogans. These can be used in awareness campaigns and also you can use them on t-shirts to show your love for them.


  • Let’s save the whales, it’s a duty of me and you

Save Whale Slogans-1

  • Help them, don’t let them die

  • The whales are blue and want help from me and you

Save Whale Slogans-2

  • We must fight for the whale’s rights

  • Keep calm and save the whales

  • Whales are the beauty of sea

  • Lose your weight and save the whales

  • Whales help to keep the oceans clean

  • Do right, save whales

  • Ships are expendable, the whales are not

  • Save the whales! Trade them for valuable prizes

  • Sorry, I don’t want to eat whales

  • Help them, don’t eat them

  • Many other things to eat so why whale?

  • No one more intelligent than whale





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