Some people don’t vote on the election day and then afterwards they complain about the government policies. Voting turnout in many countries is around 50% to 60% which is very low and it means that the election results could be different if turnout is about 80% to 90%. People have the power in the form of vote and they should use it.

Vote Slogans

Voting slogans are a good way to create awareness among public about their power and also to motivate them to vote for their favorite candidate. We have collected a list of 65 Cool Vote slogans for you. You should use them to create awareness among people. Also share them with your friends.

  • VOTE, it’s your right!

Vote Slogans-1

  • If you don’t Vote you lose the right to complain

Vote Slogans-2

  • Vote! Let’s your voice be heard!

  • Rock the Vote

  • Be smart do your part, VOTE!

  • Your voice your VOTE

Vote Slogans-3

  • Vote, it’s your Right and Responsibility

  • Go Vote. Why don’t we VOTE?

  • Feel proud to be a Voter. Be ready to Vote

Vote Slogans-4

  • I Vote because it’s my Right and Responsibility

Vote Slogans-5

  • I want you to Cast your VOTE

  • Your Vote your Future

  • Vote or Die

  • Have a vision? Make a right decision! VOTE!

  • Keep calm and Vote wisely

  • Vote like an adult

  • The real deal is Vote

  • Make your Vote count

Vote Slogans-6

  • Vote for the best. Forget the rest

  • The Ballot is stronger than the Bullet

  • The real power is Vote

  • Vote for the future now

  • Time for change, VOTE

  • Hope for tomorrow. Vote for tomorrow

  • A vote for me is a vote for you

  • Vote for New leadership

  • Vote for your Children and for better future

  • Keep calm and Vote for _______

  • I don’t want all your Vote, Just yours. Vote for _______

  • VOTE, it can take you ahead

  • Cool people Vote always

  • No option other than Voting

  • Go & cast your Vote

  • Vote, show your power

  • It’s time for progress

  •  The change we need

  • I win you win

  • The responsible choice

  • Impress us! Go Vote

  • Hope for change, Vote for _______

  • You’ll flip for _______

  • Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

  • Don’t forget, its Election Day

  • Vote for Change!

  • Your country needs YOU!!!

  • Tell them that voting is their right

  • VOTE for whatever floats your boat

  • Give those statisticians something to talk about, vote

  • Vote because it’s the American thing to do.

  • It’s good to vote, In America!

  • Rock the vote, yes rock the vote baby

  • Your Vote Counts

  • Don’t feel fear, Election Day is here

  • Don’t worry, today is judgment day

  • Vote Vote for your man if he can’t do it no one can! Really!

  • VOTE I shouldn’t have to tell you why

  • Kick the rats before they kick you, get up and vote

  • Your vote is your future

  • If you’re going to drink, don’t vote

  • Vote as if it matters

  • Go on your way but Vote today





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